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Intewresting's Journal
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Monday, March 1st, 2004
10:37 pm
I finally found a community of interest list finds! I like lists that spotlight insightful observations of life in this concise format. It's fascinating to me how a few words can create an instant overlooked memory of everyday life.

My favorite one today was "turdus migratorius" . What a strange latin name for a common bird. I was surprised.

Does anyone here know who Grady was on LJ? I often see references to Grady's obsession with interest lists. Just curious.

Monday, January 20th, 2003
6:59 pm
men vs. women.
Here are some interesting Male/Female comparisons:

74 Relative Communities
291 Interested Users

97 Relative Communities
679 Interested Users

Man Hating:
0 Relative Communities
3 Interested Users

Women Hating:
0 Relative Communities
0 Interested Users
Friday, January 17th, 2003
8:19 pm
all unique interests:
eating laptop computer screens
elephants wearing dumb-looking sunglasses
evil horse ninjas
10:50 am
drinking urine : 2 users/0 communities
staring at lightbulbs: 1 user/0 communities
sexy old people : 1 user/0 communities
8:05 am
I now have 21 interests, and all are unique. I rule.

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, January 16th, 2003
4:14 pm
haruspicy - 1 community, 2 users
6:00 pm
under water basket weaving : 4 users/1 community
eating crayons : 18 users/3 communities
shit fetish : 1 user/0 communities
breaking electronics : 1 user/0 communites
not showering : 39 users/2 communities
Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
3:52 pm
Carrot Top- 42/6
Osama Bin Laden 35/11
Thursday, January 2nd, 2003
10:25 am
Oh, and while I'm here...
You should check out this interest-related entry by my friend aerindipity. Tons of fun!

Current Mood: chipper
10:17 am
Hi, I'm new...
...and I love LJ interests! I'm kind of a flake like that. Anyway, here are my contributions for today:

Having exactly 100 interests: 1u
Having 100 interests: 3u
Updating my interests: 3u

There used to be another person in the second category, but he actually had around 120 interests. Weird.

Oh, and I have an interest-related project for the next month or so. I'll give more details when I know exactly what I'm doing.

Hey, this community needs more members. What's up with that?

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
3:14 pm
Cephalopods - 61/2
Cetaceans - 46/2
Psittacines - 4/1
Mustelids - 32

Please do feel free to submit more classifications. - Jer
Friday, October 11th, 2002
9:10 pm
Thrill? Cheap Thrills? Who are the Thrilling? The Thrilled? Where Can I Get My Thrills?
I tried various permutations and adding words, but here were the only uses of word "thrill" I could find:

Thrills 82/1
Cheap Thrills 80/7
Thrill 13/1
Thrilling - 2
Thrilled - 1
Friday, March 22nd, 2002
12:45 pm
demographics studies, pt.1
First off, the main topic and it's counterpart:

Religion- 4368
Atheism- 2070

Numbers that make sense, given general American internet demographics:

Christianity- 2506
Judaism- 533
Islam- 216
Hindu- 392
Shinto- 86
Scientology- 31

Numbers that are a tribute to the general flakiness of LJ users:

Wicca- 5333
Paganism- 2750
Buddhism- 2349 (also 75 with the common misspelling "Buddism")
Voodoo- 356
Cults- 194
Gnosticism- 149

Numbers that sadden me in their smallness

Zoroaster- 4 (zoroastrianism- 0)
Death Cults- 1
Doomsday Cults- 1
Wednesday, March 20th, 2002
8:44 pm
A shout out to tha LORD
jesus- 2800
jesus christ- 523
christ- 414
jesus h. christ- 4
SUPERJESUS- 21 (wtf???)

black jesus- 6
baby jesus- 6
big baby jesus- 6 (none of these three overlapped :)

big black baby jesus- 0

killing jesus- 3
fuck jesus- 2
jesus sucks- 1
Sunday, March 10th, 2002
10:26 pm
Six people (including me) have "hydrology" as an interest. I looked at their other interests, and somehow I suspect that they're not as interested in fluid flow through porous media as I am. What is this, some druggie term for the science of bongs?
Saturday, March 9th, 2002
4:00 pm
Eating Poop - 5u

I don't know what possessed me to search for it, but I must say I was quite happy to discover so many were intewrested in it.
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