Jon (chairman_mo) wrote in intewresting,

demographics studies, pt.1

First off, the main topic and it's counterpart:

Religion- 4368
Atheism- 2070

Numbers that make sense, given general American internet demographics:

Christianity- 2506
Judaism- 533
Islam- 216
Hindu- 392
Shinto- 86
Scientology- 31

Numbers that are a tribute to the general flakiness of LJ users:

Wicca- 5333
Paganism- 2750
Buddhism- 2349 (also 75 with the common misspelling "Buddism")
Voodoo- 356
Cults- 194
Gnosticism- 149

Numbers that sadden me in their smallness

Zoroaster- 4 (zoroastrianism- 0)
Death Cults- 1
Doomsday Cults- 1
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